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Your fragrance should always be applied on the warmer parts of your body, such as breast, neck, shoulders or ears: Most importantly, avoid jewels and metallic accessories that will turn the scent to acid.

Fragrances have their seasons too! in Winter, go with chypre, woody and mossy scents - as spring comes, start using floral and fruity perfumes.

Lasting tip: apply a baby oil where you want to spray your fragrance

Nino Cerruti | Born in Italy September 25, 1930

Cerruti Haute Couture House founded in 1967 in Paris

Cerruti fragrances launched in 1995


Jose Eisenberg - L’Art du Parfum / The Art of Perfume

Razzia - Le Parfum / The Perfume - 1984 | A splendid elegant Art Deco design and modern style


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