Your fragrance should always be applied on the warmer parts of your body, such as breast, neck, shoulders or ears: Most importantly, avoid jewels and metallic accessories that will turn the scent to acid.

Fragrances have their seasons too! in Winter, go with chypre, woody and mossy scents - as spring comes, start using floral and fruity perfumes.

Lasting tip: apply a baby oil where you want to spray your fragrance


You are allergic or sensitive to a scent you like or you don't normally wear fragrance? Try to wear the perfume on your stomach, or even  on your back

Keep your fragrance bottle in it's original box to seal out air and light: it will last longer and better

Add a splash of your favorite fragrance to the water in your steam iron: your family will love it!

 You love those magazines' perfumed ads, don't you? Open them, slip them between clothes or sheets in your drawers and enjoy the scent they will leave (avoid baby clothes and sheets, though)

Apply a little bit on perfume on a warm lightbulb, preferably with a Q-tip, the scent will be released in  no time

Spray your favorite perfume onto your hair brush before brushing your hair, it will last even longer than on your skin